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Client and Disinfection Protocols

Graceful Touch Massage Therapy has always followed HIGH disinfection protocols to prepare for each client visit. Your FULLY vaccinated therapist, Grace, WILL continue to maintain impeccable hand hygiene, which includes washing with soap and water up to the elbows BEFORE and AFTER each session. Client and therapist will be required to reschedule appointments if they are feeling ill, running a fever of 100.4 or above, or believe they have recently been exposed to COVID-19. In response to COVID-19, a few NEW measures have been added. 

PLEASE NOTE: IF you are in the HIGH-RISK group for contracting COVID-19 as per the CDC, PLEASE DON’T schedule an appointment. (Older adults, people with asthma, people with HIV/AIDS, chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, chronic kidney disease, severe obesity, people 65 years or older, liver disease, immunocompromised, people living in senior facilities.)

NEW! Every client WILL wait outside office until Grace calls or texts to come inside.

NEW! Grace along with EACH client WILL wear a facemask (mask will be provided upon entry to the office) the ENTIRE time together INCLUDING on the massage table. NO EXCEPTIONS. Talking will be kept to a minimum DURING the massage for client to focus on slow deliberate breathing with mask on. REMEMBER: YOUR mask protects ME and MY mask protects YOU! 

NEW! Every client WILL remove shoes inside door upon entry to office.

NEW! Every client WILL proceed to Cell Phone Sanitizer and PLACE phone inside to sanitize phone-6 minutes. It’s been proven, cell phones are one of the GERMIEST items we own! 

NEW! Every client WILL proceed to bathroom to WASH hands for 20-30 seconds.

NEW! Every client WILL be given a disinfected pen and a release/consent form to sign. 

NEW! Every client WILL have their temperature and oxygen levels taken.

NEW! BOTH windows WILL be opened to allow for air circulation in the treatment room when the temperature is above 50 degrees (table warmer will be on to keep client warm and toasty while on the massage table) and a HEPA air purifier WILL be running in the treatment room when it’s too cold for open windows. 

NEW! Plastic bin to place clothes and other items together and WILL be disinfected between every client.

NEW! Grace WILL change her shirt/smock and face mask between every client.



  • Graceful Touch Massage Therapy is a CERTIFIED Rejuvenate Disinfectant Office. Rejuvenate Disinfectant Products are now being used to clean at Graceful Touch Massage Therapy. As of May 2020, there aren’t any disinfectant product labels that specifically list COVID-19. However, the EPA has pre-approved some products, including Rejuvenate, that are effective against similar viruses. 


Rejuvenate is:

  • EPA-registered Spas, Salons & Clinics-grade disinfectant.
  • Virucidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Tuberculocidal.
  • One-step cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin, and fragrance-free.

ALL high-touch surfaces WILL be disinfected between each client (door knobs, light switches. Etc.)

  • The EXTREMELY comfortable massage table has a vinyl barrier between the fitted sheet and the table warmer which will be disinfected between each client. The face cradle also has a vinyl barrier and will be disinfected between each client, including the lever, frame and arm rest.
  • The restroom-light switch, door knobs, entire sink, handicap bar, entire toilet and floors will be disinfected after each client use.

AS ALWAYS!  UV Hot Towel Warmer. 

The towel warmer has an UV light to sanitize towels. During each session, the rice-filled packs WILL be sanitized in the cabinet as well. 

AS ALWAYS! Laundry

ALL linens, including the sheets, cover blanket, and all towels will be washed with HOT water and bleach. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is added along with regular detergent.

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